Broadcast Quality Guide

This guide will provide a few tips to improve your video productions and increase the odds of us using your submitted footage in our reports and original productions.

Broadcast quality guide video coming soon!

Suggested Gear:

Awesome super cheap lavalier mic. This will make a huge difference in your audio quality. Only a $10 investment.
Stupid cheap, no excuse not to at least have a pair of these. $14 you add the bulbs.
Super cheap at only $40! Includes the 5300k bulbs!
The best webcam solution for a desktop. You can run up to 4 of these at once. Only $50
A decent condenser microphone & boom arm with an XLR cable and clamp. Stupid cheap at $42 and you will be able to record high quality audio for voice overs.

If you’re going to want to superimpose yourself into a shot you’ll need a green screen. About $60 for a decent one. YOU WILL NEED TO PROPERLY LIGHT THIS THING!

Minimum tripod/holder for your cell phone footage. Cheapest quality one at $17